Shuttle Van Services

Important Notice:

We will be offering van transportation services to the city area, as your comfort and peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. Please find here difference routes of services and it is a “first come first serve” service;

Flight details (Flight number and arrival time) / Number of attendants / Number of luggage / Destination (Hospital/Hotel):

Bangkok Hospital – Suvarnabhumi Airport – Bangkok Hospital


Bangkok Hospital – Emporium Tower

Shuttle service schedule 2024

Bangkok Hospital – MRT Phetchaburi

Bangkok Hospital (I Building) – Zenith Hotel (Nana)

Remark : Departure Times Subject to prevailing traffic conditions. مواعيد المواصلات قابلة للتغيير إعتماداً على حركة المرور

  • B : Minibus
  • Mon – Fri* : Additional round on weekday only (No add. round on Sat, Sun and Public Holiday)
  • EMPORIUM Parking : Emporium Tower